Saturday, April 15, 2017

Pan Tilt Feedback Control for a Bescor MP101 Video Motorized Pan Head

Tilt Feedback Control

So this first test works! Get a range of about 100 analog readings for the 30 degrees of tilt.

Hot glued the potentiometer directly to the head

On to Pan Control - what kind of analog potentiometers have multiple rotations - I want to stick with analog as I don't want to count pulses or worry about location on startup - hey these cheap 10-turn rotating ones might do it! Hope the gear size for 1:10 can be worked out.

I did a few quick test prints to workout the smallest gear teeth that would printout correctly.

Love first print designs that are 95% working!

This 1:10 ratio is going to work great for pan control!

More Analog Please
Lets try to get more range out of our analog potentiometer

This gear was a pain to design. I tried to work out how much gear was needed.

The top bracket ended up being too flexible and the gears don't stay connected - fail!

Inside gear and smaller B103 wheel potentiometer

Seeing full range of analog values with this 1:10 setup - but this small 10,000 Ω B103 is a fail!

Hot melt glue got inside the wheel while gluing on the gear - there's a small hole in the wheel and hot glue flows nicely into it as you press the gear on.

  potentiometer + hot glue = wheel doesn't turn

Tried a second time using tape to cover the small hole - it's still a fail!

Also See the not so nice tilt on the gear - these small pot's are easily damaged... This one turned into a 5,000 Ω.

Inside Gear it Is

A few issues with tilting:
 - arms a bit too long
 - arms a little bendy
 - alignment of top and bottom bracket

Control Center - found these cute joysticks for control - nice wiring...

And it's Done!

- The servo on top is for zoom control.
- The potentiometer holder still gets directly glued to head unit arm.
- If the glue doesn't hold - I've included holes to screw the holder directly into the arm. - Advantage of using the holder with the flipped potentiometer is that the gears are closer to the unit (keeping the gears aligned) and helps keep all the mess centered.
- Fixed: length and bendiest of tilt arms; added guide for alignment of top and bottom tilt bracket.
- Needed to add a cutout for the power feed into the camera.
- A wider camera would likely need a bit of a redesign with the top tilt bracket, add a spacer between to raise up the cam and change out the mounting screw or another option would be to print a drop-in replacement for the top plate. The existing plate is held in place with four screws.

- Once I thickened up the 10-Turn potentiometer base, had issues with screwing it into the base.
- The potentiometer uses a M8-0.75 thread.
- Not having that tap, completely destroyed one potentiometer trying to force it into the PLA holder.
- Now I heat up the PLA holder and busted up potentiometer threads and tap.
- The base still has enough flex to account for any misalignment's with the gears.

- Used existing screws from the unit. - These screws are long enough to hold the new printed part and existing bottom plate in place.
- The pan gear slips/presses onto the fixed pan/mount base.

- Field testing
- Code Control
- Upgrades


3d Parts and Design for above:
  Tilt Pan Position Feedback for Bescor MP101 Video Motorized Pan Head

my zoom control:

  Bescor MP101 Video Motorized Pan Head

  WXD3-13 10K Ohm 2W 4 mm Shaft Diameter 10-Turn Wire Wound Potentiometer

  Adafruit Panel Mount 10K potentiometer (Breadboard Friendly) (10K Linear) [ID:562]

  Dual-axis XY Joystick Module For Arduino Joystick Module

these parts didn't work out:
  B103 10K Ohm 5-Pin Dual Linear Dial Wheel Potentiometer

  Cut your own gears with profile shift - OpenSCAD library

  Bescor MP-101 Hack Part 1

  Bescor MP-101 and Arduino v3.0

  Hardware @ Lab

  PJON - Arduino compatible Communications Bus System

Monday, December 5, 2016

Halloween 2016 - Baby Dolls

To the thrift store for two slightly used dolls - can't beat 40 and 80 cents.

So sorry little gal but you need Red LED eyes!!

I never used servo's before - but found 5 sets of these cheep 28BYJ-48 Stepper Motor's for $12.68

I searched Thingiverse for a pulley created with openSCAD that had the stepper connection and quickly modified it as I don't need the V-groove (thing:913582). I screwed it directly to the gals head.


Looking good!

Next wire management - as I want the head to speed without twisting the wires. Searches on the webs came up empty with slip-rings that would fit my needs so - I designed my own thing:1824060 ;-)

I had issues getting power through the bearing so I popped off the dust cap and cleaned with wd-40 to flush out the grease.



Works great - well until the gal's stuffing gets wound out inside the bearing because it's missing the dust cap!

Next up is sound with this $9.99 MP3 Player with the help of this wikigit code and free Poltergeist MP3 we are good to go.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Halloween 2016 - Jumping Clowns

So I'm updating my 2015 Jumping Clown - CVS has restocked for the 2016!

So I'v added 2 more to my collection. They are a bit different and with the colors and with audio voice.

Anyways - I wasn't really happy with the setup of last year as I used a string to keep the clown from flying to the moon and after a while the spring would fail - not good.

So I've come up with a modified version that has a stop at the end of the cvpc. 

Here's the first test
 opps - need to glue the pipes.




It might be hard to see but the pipe is a bit too long and extents into the elbow so it can't get the lift that it needs to raise the clowns.

After cutting the pipe down - it's flush with the elbow.

Added painters tape for a tighter fit and grease - also note the hot melt glue used as a plug.

As I'm going to be running 3 clowns - I'm going to use a manifold to supply the air with all the valves in one location and running the hoses to the props.

Building the manifold only required a Lowes and two different Home Depot locations to find 3/4 x 1/4 bushings - it didn't help that I got a few 3/4 x 3/8 bushings the first time.

Here's two of the stands build from scrap wood.

I'm adding two of these cheep harbor freight HORN for when kids/adults get too close.

And Halloween is a go!







Mame Box

Here are pictures of my 2012 Mame Build.


12.99AmazonCorsair CM3X2GSD1066 2GB PC3-8500 1066MHz DDR3 204-Pin SO-DIMM Laptop MemoryLink
61.13AmazonWestern Digital 160 GB Scorpio Blue SATA 3 Gb/s 5400 RPM 8 MB Cache Bulk/OEM Notebook Hard Drive - WD1600BPVT
37.00Ultimarc Arcade ControlsLink
39.90ebay/xgaming_incArcade Bundle: 2 Joysticks, 20 ButtonsLink
11.74Lowes1/2x4x8 MDF - 1/2 sheet used
21.92Lowes4 can's flat black spray paint
13.99micro centerpower supply
29.99micro centerGear Head Windows Smart Touch TouchPad KeyboardLink
12.99micro centerKeebox W150NU Wireless N 150 USB AdapterLink
scrapspeakers and board
scrappower/credit button's
scraplcd monitor
5.00scrapwire and connectors
windows 7
mame and roms
sticker printing
308.96Total Cost